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Captain Kidd Rod & Gun Club
Range Rules ( Indoor Range ) 08 June 2018



1. Except for specified times (Cards Night, Archery, closed for maintenance, etc...), the Indoor Range is available for use by all members in good standing on a 24 hours / 7 days a week basis. As such, when being used by more than one member at a time, cooperation between shooters is required to ensure safe practices.

2. When a member is using the Range alone, he / she is responsible to act as his / her own Range Officer and to abide by all Rules and Safe Practices.

3. When two (2) or more members/guests are using the Range, one person shall be designated as Range Officer and that person shall assume the duties of Range Officer to ensure Safe Practices.

4. During a Club organized shooting event, the Club shall designate one or more Range Officers to supervise and conduct the Range activities in accordance with accepted Safe Practices.



1. Members may bring up to three (3) guests at any one time.  A non-member guest that merely accompanies a member to the Club does not count as a "visit".If the Guest enters the Range area with the Shooter, then the "visit" rule applies, as does the $10.00 Range Fee.

2. Members are fully responsible for the actions and behaviour of their guests.

3. The Firearms Act requires that an unlicensed person in possession of a firearm be under the close and immediate supervision of a person licensed for the class of firearm in use. (THIS MEANS BEING RIGHT WITH THE SHOOTER AND READY TO INTERVENE TO PREVENT ANY UNSAFE ACT OR ACCIDENT}.



1. This Range is approved for handguns (using handgun calibres) up to and including .45 calibre. (Not .460 or .500 S&W Magnum)

2. Rimfire rifles (.22 Short, Long, Long-Rifleand .22 WMR only), and Airguns are permitted. The .17 WSM and .17 HMR are NOT permitted on this Range.

3. Rifles or Carbines firing pistol calibres are NOT permitted.

4. Black powder firearms are not permitted on this range.

5. Until further notice: Absolutely NO Steel core or Steel-Jacketed ammunition is allowed. This will damage the Backstop and is a serious safety hazard.



1.Only paper or soft plastic targets are permitted for use on the range. Targets must be pinned to the target stands or backstop at the appropriate height to ensure all shooting is directed into the backstop.Exceptions, suchas skeet clays, only when specifically authorized by the Range Committee for Club events.

2. The use of exploding targets or targets containing incendiary properties of any kind is not authorised.

3. Metal targets of any kind are not permitted



1. All members and their guests must register in the appropriate Log Book located on the bar near the Club entrance.

2. Members are to deposit their $2.00 Range Fee in the Honour Box located near the Range entrance. Guest Fee is $10.00 ($7.00 Range Fee + $3.00 Insurance)

3. Unless an organized Club event is taking place, when you enter the Club, lock the entrance door to prevent unauthorized access.

4. When ready to commence a shooting session, the Range door must be closed and locked. (to contain noise and to prevent someone coming into the Range while firing taking place.) Other persons can be admitted during pauses in firing.

5. Ensure all persons present in the Range proper have Hearing and Eye Protection available and WORN during shooting of ANY calibre.



1. Turn on lights, including the RED Range in Use light. Turn on exhaust fan. Turn on Heaters if desired.

2. Conduct a preliminary inspection of the Range for any damages. Make a note if any for the Range Committee.

3. Targets may be placed either at the full distance stapled or pinned to the Backstop or may be placed on the available target stands NOT CLOSER than 3 yards/metres from the Firing Line. Shoot only in your own lane.

IMPORTANT: Ensure that wherever the target is placed, your shot will impact ONLY in the Backstop, and NOT in either the overhead baffles or the walls or floor. If unintentionally or otherwise, you do hit outside of the Backstop area, make a note to the Range Committee.

4. Only unbox or uncase firearms at the shooting stations/bays inside the Range. Firearms placed unloaded, actions open and exposed on the tables.

5. NOTE: Use of holsters is currently authorized ONLY for Active Duty Law Enforcement members (i.e.: RCMP and DNR Conservation Officers)

6. STANDARD RANGE COMMANDS (to be used whenever 2 or more shooters)

EYES AND EARS Ensure that all present have hearing and eye protection ON

APPROACH THE LINE Shooters may approach the Firing Line,


CEASE FIRE Stop shooting, unload, clear, and place firearm on the table, action open and up for inspection and step back behind the Cease Fire Line. Range Officer then inspects to ensure all firearms are unloaded, and then declares:

The Line is Clear Shooters may then proceed forward to inspect / patch or replace targets if desired

8. During a CEASE FIRE, no one is permitted forward of the Cease Fire Line. (other than those who have proceeded down-range to targets as authorized by the Range Officer .(the above command " Line is Clear")



1. Take down targets and cardboard backers and dispose of in the garbage.

2. Sweep up debris (use Dustbane) and dispose.

3. Sweep up your brass and either take it away with you or dispose in the brass bin.

4. Turn off ventilation and all lights. Close the Range door.

5. Please make a note of any damages or anything else that should be brought to the attention of the Range Committee or the Club Executive.

6. When you leave the Club, turn off all lights and ensure the doors are locked.




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