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East Chester, NOVA SCOTIA 



1. The name of this organization shall be the CAPTAIN KIDD ROD & GUN 
CLUB, hereinafter referred to as the Club. The Headquarters of the Club shall be in 
or near East Chester, Nova Scotia. 



To teach and promote, the safe use of firearms, the proper methods of angling and 
archery, to instruct and encourage conservation of wildlife and fish, to promote 
sportsmanship and comradeship in the outdoors sporting fraternity. 



1. The objectives of the Club shall be: 

a. To encourage among the members, outdoor sport and recreation. In particular, sport fishing, hunting and competitions involving same. 


b. To provide clubhouse and range facilities which shall be available to all members; and to instruct the members in the proper handling, care of firearms and to conduct club and interclub competitions in shooting, fishing and other such activities. 


c. To ensure any and all members are given the opportunity to learn and practice conservation of wildlife and fish, including the reasons and methods for doing so. 


d. To promote honesty, good fellowship, team play and self-reliance which are the essentials of good sportsmanship; and, to offer social activities club and interclub that encourage and foster the aims of comradeship in a sporting and recreation society. 


e. To fund raise for the promotion and maintenance to carry out the fore-going objectives, through dances, dinners and other social events. 


f. To strive to maintain a safe and well maintained clubhouse and grounds necessary for the promotion of all the foregoing activities. 




1. General: 
Membership in the Club is open to any individual whose application is acceptable to the Executive and membership. 

The Club reserves the right to refuse membership to any individual where such action will be in the best interests of the Club. Each class of membership shall have all the rights and privileges permitted in the constitution except where limited by the respective sections below. 


SECTION 1 - Regular Membership 

1. The requirements for Regular Membership in the Club are as follows: 

a. Shooting applicants must: 

i. Produce a valid Possession or Possession and Acquisition license, or 
ii. Show proof of successful completion of the Canadian Firearms Safety Course, and for Restricted Weapons, an 
application for a Possession and Acquisition License. A Conditional Membership may be approved subject to receipt of 
the License within 6 months." 
iii. Archers and anglers shall have access to all the club facilities save, that they shall not use the range for firearm practice unless they possess a valid Possession or Possession and Acquisition license. 

b. Each application for membership shall include the names of two character references; 

c. If a prospective member is not sponsored by a Regular Member, the Executive shall hold a personal interview with the applicant, then make a recommendation to the membership for approval or rejection of the 
application; and, 


d. New membership shall be limited to those who have been proposed 
and seconded by members of the Club, and whose application has 
been approved at a general meeting. A NO vote by five members shall 
constitute rejection of the application. 


SECTION 2 - Honorary Membership 


1. In recognition of services rendered, any individual may be elected as an Honorary Member of the Club with full privileges. 
2. Honorary members do not pay dues. 

SECTION 3 - Associate Membership 


1. Members or former members of the Club may apply for Associate Membership 
in the Club. 
2. The Secretary shall submit this request to the Executive who will recommend approval or denial of the application at the next Monthly Meeting. If rejected by a two-thirds vote of the membership, the applicant shall be so informed in writing by the Secretary. 
3. Associate members may use the range when accompanied by a regular member. They must possess a valid transport permit for restricted firearms, and a Possession only, or Firearms Possession and acquisition permit. 
4. Associate Members may attend all meetings of the club but do not have voting privileges. 
5. Associate Membership status may be reviewed annually by the Executive, who will advise the membership of any recommended change.


SECTION 4 - Social Membership 


1. Social membership in the Club may be offered by invitation first to former members of the Club and second to certain members of the community whose membership in the club is deemed beneficial to the Club’s future. 

2. The name of proposed nominees will be presented to the membership for a vote prior to contacting the individual. If rejected by 5 votes the nomination shall be withdrawn. 

3. Social Members do not have Range privileges. 
4. Social Members may attend all meetings of the Club but do not have voting privileges. 
5. Social Membership status may be reviewed annually by the executive, who will advise the membership of any recommended change. 


SECTION 5 - Junior Membership 

The club encourages the involvement of junior members who must be sponsored by a relative or friend who is a member in good standing. Junior members are accepted from the age of 12 to 18 years inclusive. The member sponsoring the junior member shall be responsible for their actions and safety while attending club functions. Junior members are not eligible to hold office 
or to vote during meetings. 




1. The Officers of the Club shall consist of a President, 1St Vice-President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer. They shall be known as the Executive Committee. Secretary and Treasurer may be held by the same member. The President shall chair this committee. 
2. There shall be ten directors some of whom will include the chairpersons of the various committees. 
3. At least 50% of the four elected Executive and 50% of the ten Appointed Board of Directors reside for at least six months annually in the Municipality of the District of Chester. 



1. Annual Meeting: 
The Annual Meeting of the Club shall be held during the month of January each year. 

2. Order of Business: 
The order of business for the Annual Meeting shall be: 

a. Opening of the meeting; 
b. Chairman's remarks; 
c. Reading and adoption of the minutes of the last Annual Meeting; 
d. Business arising from the minutes; 
e. Receiving and adoption of the Secretary's report; 
f. Receiving and adoption of the Treasurer's report; 
g. Receiving and adoption of the Committee Chairmen's reports; 
h. The transaction of any business specifically provided for in the notice of meeting; 
i. Receiving and adoption of the Nominating Committee's report and the calling for more nominations from the floor. 
J. Election of new Officers 
k. The setting of dues for the next year. 
l. Other new business and, adjournment. 


3. Monthly Meetings: 

Monthly Meetings shall be held on the second Wednesday of each month. The agenda for monthly meetings shall be as follows: 

a. Opening of the meeting 
b. Correspondence 
c. Agenda for Meeting 
d. Reading of the minutes of the last meeting 
e. Call for new business 
f. Business arising from the Minutes of the Last meeting 
g. Financial Report 
h. Committee Reports 
i. New Business 

3. (a) Nominating Meeting: 

The October regular monthly meeting will strike a nominating committee to canvass members to nominate for the executive and director’s positions in the January election of officers. Directors will be advised that their nomination will likely include the responsibility to chair one of the club committees. 


3. (b) Director’s Meetings: 
Directors meetings will be set up and chaired by the President. 

4. Executive Meetings: 

Executive Meetings may be called at any time by the President. 

5. Special Meetings: 

Special Meetings may be called at any time by the President, the Executive Committee or upon a demand in writing signed by not less than three members. 


6. Quorums: 
Seven members of the eligible membership shall constitute a quorum at any meeting. 




1. Misconduct: 
Should any member prefer charges of misconduct against another member, the Executive will investigate and may recommend to the membership the suspension or expulsion of that member. The President shall call a Special Meeting where a full 
hearing will be given both parties. A vote will be taken by secret ballot. To terminate a membership the motion must be approved by two-thirds of the members present. 




1. Annual Dues: 
Annual dues are to be paid at the Annual General Meeting and must be paid in full by the end of February to remain in good standing for the current fiscal year. Associate and Social Members will pay full membership dues. 


2. Expenditures: 
Dues and donations received from all sources shall be used for the general operation and welfare of the Club. From time to time, the club will indulge in such fund raising activities as are deemed necessary to ensure a positive financial position. 


3. Signing Authority: 
All cheques, official documents and negotiable securities must be signed by two of the following Officers of the Club: 

a. The President; 
b. The 1st Vice-President or 2nd Vice President; 
c. The Treasurer; or, 
d. The Secretary. 

4. Fiscal Year: 
The fiscal year of the Club shall coincide with the Calendar Year. 




1. By-laws may be established by the Executive and approved by the membership for the governing of the Club's activities, exclusive of rules and regulations for meets, competitions and awards. 
2. Rules of Procedure will govern all other operations of the club. These rules will be compiled and posted in an easily accessible place for the membership. Rules of Procedure may be redefined as circumstances provide to allow the club to proceed in 
the most efficient way possible. Notice of change to the By-Laws or Rules of Procedure can be addressed through new business at regular meetings. 


1. Constitution: 
The Constitution may be amended only at the Annual General Meeting or at a special meeting called for this purpose. A notice of motion to amend must be filed with the Secretary in sufficient time (twenty-one days) to permit publication of the suggested 
amendment at least one month prior to the date of the meeting at which the motion is to be presented. To be adopted, the amended Constitution must be approved by two-thirds of the members present. 


2. By-laws: 
By-Laws and changes to the Rules of Procedure may be amended at a regular Monthly Meeting or a Special Meeting called for this purpose. Suggested amendments, with substantiation may be submitted in writing to the Secretary for consideration at the next Monthly Meeting. To be adopted, amendments must be approved by two-thirds of the members present. 


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