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Range Evaluations - May 2024

We will be holding Range Evaluations (to obtain your Key FOB) at the Club Tuesday, May 21 st , and Tuesday, May 28th , from 6 pm to 7pm.

To come at this time, please e-mail Karen at to book a spot as we can only have a limited number of people in at one time.

You must have your current membership card to participate.

You will require your own equipment (Firearm/Ammo/Eyes/Ears/Targets). If you do not have your own equipment, we can attempt to make arrangements, however it may delay when you can attend one of these sessions.

Also, please bring $22 ($2 for the range fee and $20 for the FOB).

Organized Practice Notice for May 2024
We have the following organized practices for May 2024

Ladies Night – May 21st – 7-9 pm
Open Practice - May 28th – 7-9 pm

Our Sessions are non-competitive and relaxed learning environments where you are welcome to
participate at your comfort level. Senior mentorship is available. For our teaching segment in both
evening sessions, prior to target practice, we will discuss

Shooting Techniques – Part 3 – Breathing Techniques and Part 4 – Grouping vs Shot Placement. 


For the Ladies Practice, we will also revisit cleaning and maintenance of your firearm.

Cost for all sessions are regular Club Fees.

Please RSVP directly to Karen @

May Club Meeting

This is a reminder that the regular monthly meeting of the Captain Kidd Rod and Gun Club is this Wednesday, May 8th at 8PM. The Board of Directors will be meeting between 7-8PM and the regular meeting will commence at 8PM.   


A reminder that annual membership fees are now overdue. If you have not paid your renewal fee, a late fee will now be added ($25) for a total of $110.  An e-transfer can be made to

If you have any questions/concerns, please contact Kelvin Swinimer, Club President at

Thank you,
Megan Wilson


Card Nights at Captain Kidd Rod and Gun Club

All Welcome

What - Cards Night - Auction 45's

Where - Captain Kidd Rod and Gun Club - 2915 Highway #3, East Chester

When - Every Thursday Evening - Doors Open at 7:00 for a 7:30 Start

Cost $3.00

Club Membership Fees


Dear Members,


We are now accepting 2024 membership renewal fees.  Membership renewals are due on January 1st of each year and according to our bylaws, payments received after March 1st must include a $25.00 late fee in addition to the current annual fee of $85.00.

Membership Fees

Adult Membership dues: $85

Youth Membership dues: $20

Family Membership dues: $170


Note: Family membership includes children under 12. Youth between ages 12 to 18 are considered youth members.


Payments can be made via e-transfer to Alternatively, you can bring your payment to our monthly meeting or mail a cheque to :


Captain Kidd Rod and Gun Club

PO Box 381

Chester, NS B0J 1J0


If you do not intend to renew your membership, please let us know so we can remove you from our database.


For information, you must be a member of a recognized gun club in order to possess a restricted firearm. Once we receive payment we provide notification to the Chief Firearms Office.


December 2023



Our year end review of concerns observed on the indoor range security cameras has revealed the following to be the most common safety and legal violations or conduct leading to dangerous situations and/or unnecessary damage to the range and equipment.


Safety/Legal Violations:

  • Unlicensed shooters are being allowed to shoot without immediate supervision – this is NOT legal! – a supervising member must be closely behind each unlicensed shooter and in the same bay.

  • People in bays at the firing line while others are down range!

  • People loading magazines at the firing line while others are down range!

  • People handling firearms at the firing line while others are down range!

  • Firing line gate open during firing – it must be closed!

  • People inadvertently pointing firearms at others due to unsafe handling!

  • The above problems occur when nobody acts as Range Safety Officer as required by our licence. Acting RSO must wear the “Acting RSO Vest and ensure compliance with range safety & rules and our operating licence from the CFO.

  • …….   If 2 or more people are inside the range someone must be acting as RSO.

Damage Concerns:

  • Placing multiple targets on target holders at the same time or, in one case, balloons on the edge of target holder frames. A single target should be centred on the target stand at the appropriate height to minimize errant shots damaging the target holder.

  • Members are NOT doing a proper Range In/Out report. Notations of “As above” or “as previous” are not sufficient. All damage is to be noted which ensures the member knows where their shots end up. Also please check the base of the bullet trap behind the curtain for low shots.


As a result, the Range Committee and R.S.O.s have been contacting members concerning less serious concerns to correct issues and in more serious cases suspending the unsupervised access of members found to be violating safety rules or conducting themselves in a manner likely to cause damage to the range until they have met and reviewed pertinent concerns with the R.S.O.s.

This past year, we had 9 incidents requiring member contact or a review meeting with the RSOs. 

Any questions regarding legalities, rules or safety may be addressed to the R.S.O.s at and we will endeavor to clarify the same.


Thank you to all members, as we work towards a perfect safety record.

President, Range Committee and Range Safety Officers

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