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Oct 17, 2022

Reviews of the indoor range security cameras have revealed numerous safety and legal violations and conduct which is leading to unnecessary damage to the range and equipment.

Noted Safety/Legal Violations:

  • Guests and minors without a license are being allowed to shoot without immediate supervision – this is NOT legal!

  • People at the firing line while others are down range!

  • People loading magazines at the firing line while others are down range!

  • People handling firearms at the firing line while others are down range!

  • Firing line gate open during firing – it must be closed!

  • Nobody acting as Range Safety Officer to ensure compliance with  range safety & rules.

  • People pointing firearms at others due to unsafe handling!

  • People using centre fire rifles on range.

Damage Concerns:

  • People rapidly firing two guns at once, one in each hand. This leads to errant shots which are causing unnecessary damage to range walls, no shoot zones and overhead baffles. This practice will cease immediately!

  • Placing multiple targets on target holders at the same time; a target should be centred on the target stand at the appropriate height to minimize errant shots damaging the target holder.

  • Members are NOT doing a proper Range In/Out report. As above/as previous is not sufficient. All damage is to be noted which ensures member knows where their shots end up.

As a result, the Range Committee and R.S.O.s will be immediately suspending the unsupervised access of any member found to be violating safety rules or conducting themselves in a manner likely to cause damage to the range and they will be required to meet and review concerns with the R.S.O.s.


Any further infractions will see disciplinary complaints to the Executive with recommendations for suspension or termination of membership as appropriate.

In both cases unsupervised access will not be restored until after review process concludes.


Any questions may be addressed to the R.S.O.s at


Range Safety Officers

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