Intensive One Day Training Course
October 29, 2022

If you are new to the sport of pistol target shooting, a new training course is now offered at Captain Kidd Rod and Gun Club, Chester, Nova Scotia.
Intended for new shooters, this course offers:
Maximum of 6 participants to ensure personal attention
Semi-Auto Pistol and ammunition provided (22 caliber)
Certified CRFSC and Experienced Instructors
We will cover the following:


  • ACTS and PROVE: Explanation of importance of this safety process for the safe enjoyment of firearms recreational sport.


    • Stance, Grip, Breathing, Sight Picture, Trigger Control and Follow through. Practice each of the above on “trainer” firearm.

  • RANGE: Explanation of Range Safety and procedures


  • RANGE PROCEDURES: Inspection, Target Placement & Range Commands

  • PISTOL FAMILIARIZATION: Pistol Controls, Loading and Unloading

  • SHOOTING DEVELOPMENT: 100 Rounds Under direct supervision of Instructors.

COURSE EVALUATION: Debrief and discussion with participants after
COST: $150.00
CONTACT: for more information